Game Marketplace & Token Economy

We offer a contrary approach. We endeavor to create a safe space for trading, and foster the in-game and extra-game economy by using a token, named TED, as a payment medium for player-to-player trades and thus facilitating the sale of unique. With its help all consumers will be able to purchase in-game items, including exclusive ones that are available to crypto currency buyers only, in any project on the platform. We plan to participate in development of blockchain and crypto currency community by teaching players how to use the power of crypto currency market and see its future outlook. Our goal is to support our token’s price by using it as TED Platform’s main currency, which will, fortunately for investors, lead to more demand on crypto-exchanges.

Using of tokens in the game marketplace

TED is one of the in-game currencies of TEDMORNING. The TED is an universal payment instrument in the TEDMORNING Games Ecoshpere. TED tokens can be exchanged into TED coins and vise versa. TED coins are the ingame currency you can use in all games published through our games portal.

Gamers want to play games

All games on the Platform are free-to-play that means that you are allowed to play for free, but you have a huge amount of things to get for money. And as money in all this games the TED Coin is used. The TED Coin is unique payment instrument for gamers in our platform which can be easily exchanged for TED Token and vise versa. With different opportunities of being rewarded by TED Coins and free exchange for TED Tokens.

Purchasing the TED tokens during token sale

By purchasing the TED tokens during token sale, the participant will be able to receive not only in-game resource at a reduced price (compared to the price for TED tokens will be available after Token sale ends), but also to exchange tokens for real money through an internal auction or stock exchange in the future. This will allow the participant to gain advantages at the game’s initial stages while investing less money.